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Thank you for supporting the page! Many of you don’t fully realize the scope of what AlphaFitnessKings is about so what better way than to get to experience some of what we have to offer.  We have story sets available and these are mini movies told through pictures.  They feature different themes and wardrobe and a variety of athletes.  If any of you recall the catalogs that Abercrombie & Fitch used to retail in their stores, these are reminiscent of those.  They have anywhere from 10-30+ images, some also have videos as well or a behind the scenes option.  Many can be viewed here on the blog or on the website and in the near future we will have a membership option that will allow for discounts and other perks.  until then, check back here for updates and on our IG page @alphafitnesskings

Thanks again and here is out Athlete “STONE” in our photo set ‘SUPERHULK HYBRID’.

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Here’s to a new year and fresh start!  I want to thank you for coming across my blog and showing your support.  This year will be exciting, we have a few new ideas for the page.

Every Saturday will be featuring a new story and Photo Series.  In the description you will be able to see which athlete it features, and how many images it contains.  Some will also offer additional videos for purchase.

Monday will be our featured Man Crush and introduce you or reintroduce you to one of the Alpha Athletes.  I would love feedback on who you enjoy seeing so feel free to comment on the post, or send a message for you shy ones.

This month for anyone that has subscribed to my page, there will be a free giveaway to one lucky subscriber for a photo series of their choice.  Thanks again for the support!



Here it is by popular demand! The photo set for our MCM athlete “MUSTANG” post last week. This is a preorder available August 26. If you prepurchase it, you roll receive it on its release date. It includes15 images and one mini photo video.



Thanks for following this blog! It’s been a great weekend, great summer weather, the beaches in Cali have been stunning and everyone summer body has been on point! Mustang is such a great model to work with, his biceps are killer and he’s one of the funniest guys around. Every once in a while I pick up a little bit of a Zac Efron resemblance.. do you guys agree? Enjoy!

Enjoy these teasers on the start of your week and look for more from this stud!